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Traveling Morocco is a Morocco travel company specialized in providing customized tours and trips. Our team is composed of local experts with more than 20 years of experience. Whether you travel with your family or friends, Traveling Morocco will provide you the adequate tour. Please don’t hesitate to Contact US

Traveling Morocco is a Morocco travel company specialized in providing customized tours and trips. Our team is composed of local experts with more than 20 years of experience. Whether you travel with your family or friends, Traveling Morocco will provide you the adequate tour. Please don’t hesitate to Contact US

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Morocco Tours & Itineraries


Grand Morocco Tour: North to South – 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary is a perfect blend of culture, history, adventure and leisure. Explore imperial cities, mountain villages, desert landscapes and coastal city walls. Starting from Tangier and Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, then heading south to Fez, crossing the desert and crossing the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech and Essaouira…learn more

Moroccan Cities of the North – 5 Days

This 5-day itinerary strikes a good balance between the history of northern Morocco and the modern city. Start and end in modern Casablanca before exploring the “blue city” of Chefchaouen in Rabat and the Rif Mountains. Continue south to the Roman ruins of Meknes in Volubilis and immerse yourself in the cultural capital of Medieval Fes…Learn more

Imperial Cities of Morocco – 7 Days

This complete 7-day itinerary incorporates exciting culture and history, covering the highlights of Morocco’s historic imperial cities Meknes, Fes, Rabat and Marrakech, with longer dedicated to Danish Gil, Chefchaouen and Casablanca. you may depart from Tangier along the Strait of Gibraltar and head south to lively Marrakech… Learn more

Marrakech & Grand Tour of the Sahara Desert – 5 Days

Explore the sweetness of Morocco on this exciting 5-day itinerary. Begin and end in Marrakech, visiting the rocky peaks of the High mountain range and therefore the huge sand dunes of the desert. you’ll stroll through the medieval medina and souks, marvel at palaces and mosques, and explore ancient castles and desert towns…Learn more

Marrakech, Grand Desert Tour & Hiking in the Atlas Mountains – 7 Days

Explore the magnificence of Morocco on this 7-day itinerary. Spend the night under the celebrities in an exceedingly Bedouin-style tent, practice narrow passages in ancient castles, and hike within the foothills of the atlas mountains. you may ride a camel, swim in an oasis, share food with Berber families, and hang around in exotic outdoor markets and bazaars… Learn more

Imperial Cities & Desert Grand Tour – 10 Days

Explore the best of Morocco on this 10-day course, including the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh, as well as days spent in the desert. You will walk the streets of the old medina, ride camels through the quicksands of the Sahara Desert, explore the adobe cities of desert towns, and cross the high rocky peaks of the Atlas Mountains.Learn more…

Make the Most of Your Times in Morocco

How Many Days Should You Spend in Morocco?

One week is fixed the period of time to explore the Moroccan desert and imperial cities at a moderate pace. during a number of weeks you’ll add hiking within the Atlas Mountains and relax in …

7 Days in Morocco – 5 Great Itineraries

Morocco isn’t a giant country, but there’s lots to work out. it’s home to dozens of interesting ancient cities and a spread of landscapes, including dramatic atlas mountain ranges, …

10 Days in Morocco – 6 Unique Itineraries

Many travelers experience Morocco in an exceedingly windy week – add some days to your Morocco itinerary to work out more (and rush less). How you organize it slow is up to you: plenty…

2 weeks in Morocco – 5 unique itineraries

Two weeks in Morocco is enough time for a true big tour, from the souks of Fez and Marrakech to the sparkling desert, the High range of the atlas mountains, and also the stormy coast. If you are…

Morocco Travel Essentials

Best Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco offers activities for tourists of all ages and interests. With such a diverse landscape – from plains to mountains to coasts and deserts – Morocco are two great places…learn more

Highlights of Morocco

The choices are endless. Morocco offers places that can be explored in a lifetime, but for most of us with limited time, it is best to choose a few key places. We have put…learn more

Best Time to Visit Morocco

Morocco stretches from the Mediterranean coast to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, with many different geographical environments. Therefore, climate and weather vary greatly, depending on…learn more

Main Regions of Morocco

From the Mediterranean coast and the Rif Mountains in the north to the Atlantic coast in the west, to the hot desert zone of the Sahara in the south, Morocco is a vast…learn more

Morocco Travel Advice

Ultimate Guide to Luxury Tours in Morocco

Morocco has been on the radar of boho-cool celebrities for many years, and also the luxury riad scene is booming over ever—but you don’t need A-lister credentials to be treated…

Morocco in January: Travel Tips & Weather

January is also the coldest month of the year in Morocco, but if you’re inquisitive about desert trekking and crowd-free sightseeing, now could be an honest time to go to. understand what…

Morocco in February: Travel Tips & Weather

If you’re curious about exploring the Sahara or exploring the imperial city without an oversized number of tourists, February may be a experience to go to Morocco. Keep reading for recommendations on…

Morocco in March: Travel Tips & Weather

March is one among the most effective months to go to Morocco: it marks the start of spring, that the weather is pleasant, but the quantity of tourists is comparatively small. Learn more about what to try and do…

Morocco Destination Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Fes: Imperial City and Cultural Center

Passing through Fez sounds like going back in time. Whether you would like to buy within the market square, visit the tannery, or stray within the narrow alleys of the medina, you’ll be able to see and do many things during this ancient city wall.

The Ultimate Guide to Chefchaouen: The Blue City of Morocco

You probably know her from Instagram: the blue streets of the blue city in Morocco are irresistibly photogenic. But nothing can compare to wandering around this hillside town on…

4 Must-Visit Regions in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Camel rides along the sand dunes, nights spent under the stars in Bedouin tents, villages carved into valley walls, ancient kasbahs still standing as forts along ancient trade…

Ultimate Guide to Marrakech

The “Red City” of Morocco attracts tourists from all over the world with its gorgeous palaces and gardens, towering minarets, open air markets full of spices and squares full of snakes…

Morocco Experience Travels

Explore the Roman ruins of Valubilis and the imperial city…

When traveling in Morocco, you can explore the country’s imperial history at the ruins of Volubilis and the imperial city of Meknes. Next to each other, they are perfect…

Spend Day in a Moroccan Hammam

If you desire to urge faraway from the hustle and bustle of the medina and souks, or if you wish to rejuvenate your body and mind while participating in an exceedingly classic Moroccan ceremony, please spend…

Agafay Sahara Desert Overnight & Excursion

If you’re looking to flee the hustle and bustle of the red city (Marrakesh), head to the agafay Sahara for an unforgettable night under the shooting stars. Your driver will pick you up directly from Marrakech.

Cooking Class in Marrakech

This unique experience uses the power of food to help you connect with Moroccan cuisine, culture and people. You will meet an inspiring group of women and learn how to cook…

Our Day Trips


This day trip starts at 8,30 am. After we leave Fez city, we drive towards the Middle Atlas Mountains . On the way, we will travel through several Berber villages.


In this Marrakech day trip to ben Haddou and Ouarzazate, the first port of call is Telouet, a “caravan route from the Sahara through the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech “On the village.


In this unique experience, explore the highlights of the Blue Pearl, explore small blue streets, colorful stairs and more. Route Details This is a typical route for this product.  


Here are the highlights of the most popular day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech: Walk to the fishing port of Essaouira and observe the blue boats Visit the Scala Castle, a wartime castle to explore scattered throughout the Medina Some of the beautiful art galleries in Essaouira

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We consistently use our years of experience and our professional contacts within the industry to confirm that every one your needs and desires are met. Our highly professional staff is carefully selected for his or her hospitality. Destination knowledge, they’re motivated to produce excellent service levels.

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Morocco Itineraries

We provide diverse experiences and a tailor-made tours and holidays. Our itinerary aims to introduce you to the highlights of the country and immerse you in its history, culture and a landscape. Here you’ll find epic mountains. the traditional city sweeps across the desert and is hospitable.

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Morocco Experience

Morocco, as a rustic in northern Africa, is a wonderful tourist destination. additionally to photogenic scenery and adventurous opportunities, Morocco is additionally a cultural melting pot, with colorful medinas, vibrant markets, exotic architecture and impressive camel caravans across the Sahara.

Traveling Morocco

Outdoor Activities

The magnificent scenery of Morocco provides a good opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether you’re an adventure lover or a thrill seeker, Morocco offering a kind of activities throughout the whole range of adventures. Each travel itinerary is exclusive and being combined a series of activities.

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Traveling Morocco  is destination management company that providing travelers with high-quality travel services through in-depth understanding of incentives, meetings and special events. Our DMC team are composed of tourism professionals who are committed to providing the most effective service and coverage for cur products.

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We flexibly design your tailor-made holidays and activities. We believe that where you travel are important. However, the way the trip is organized is that the most vital. Our concern is to make sure that each trip meets the wants of travelers to explore the important Morocco.

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Local parcel experts in Morocco ensure that you will get the best experience based on the latest local insights. Most importantly, most of your funds will be directly used to support and develop the local economy.

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Trip Reviews for Traveling Morocco

My friends and I have all had an unforgettable visit to Morocco. Even though the tour ended suddenly when the Moroccan government announced the closure, the tour as a whole is still going strong. Hassan is a very experienced driver, we can tell from his driving skills on our way to the valley, the desert and the airport. He is also a very helpful driver, without his help we could never get to the airport on time and get home. During the tour we had a lot of experience for the first time. We tried traditional Moroccan food, we enjoyed the starry sky in the desert, we visited the beautiful mosque, we walked the traditional local market, we stayed in beautifully designed riads. . . etc. It really is once in a time travel.


Traveling Morocco

Nice tourist guide, great experience in Morocco Ali is a very experienced driver and tour guide. He said he was a tour guide in Morocco for 15 years and we can tell by his arrangement of our trip. We are particularly impressed on the last day of the tour. While we were there, the local government suddenly closed the airport without notice due to the corona virus. Even though Ali was already on leave at that time, he was always ready to drive us to the airport at night and also helped us communicate with the airport officials. Thanks for your help Ali! Without you, we couldn’t get to the airport and leave the country successfully.


Traveling Morocco

As the head of the family group I had the beautiful opportunity to get to know the Berber culture thanks to Hassan from Traveling Morocco. I loved the first Riad as I had the opportunity to meet two hosts Ebrain and Hassan II who explained their Berber culture to me and explained to me with our family the trip we were going to make to the desert. Thus we arrive at our final destination and spend the night in a tent in the same desert Wonderful night full of charm Dinner and bonfire with Berber music with a beautiful starry sky I have no doubts in recommending this trip, since Hassan from Traveling Morocco made us a program with which we could meet landscapes and people who left us a great indelible memory in our family Thank you very much dear Hassan

Humberto Carvajal

Traveling Morocco

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