Moroccan Cities & the Coast – 9 Days

Moroccan Cities & the Coast – 9 Days

Explore Morocco sahara desert and cities on this 9-day all-around loop from Casablanca. Stroll through the medieval medina of Fez and Marrakech, explore the modern and imperial cities of Casablanca and Rabat, and venture along ancient caravan routes and oases in the desert.


  • Stroll through the ancient medina and souks of Marrakech and Fez

  •  Admire the sunset and overlook the “Blue City” of Chefchaouen

  •  Explore desert dunes, oases, hidden valleys and ancient castles

  •  Visit local leather, ceramic and fossil artisan workshops and collectives

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Arrive in Casablanca, Transfer to the Rabat Capital Rabat
Day 2 Head to Chefchaouen and explore the Blue City Chefchaouen
Day 3 Chefchaouen, Roman ruins of Volubilis, Fes Fez
Day 4 Explore the Medieval Medina of Fez Fez
Day 5 Middle Atlas: Erfoud, Merzouga and Sahara Erg Chebbi Merzouga
Day 6 Merzouga to Ouarzazate Ouarzazate
Day 7 Aït Benhaddou Kasbah and Tizi n’Tichka via High Atlas Marrakech Marrakech
Day 8 Marrakech: Explore the Red City of Marrakech Marrakech
Day 9 Return to Casablanca, Depart Departure

Moroccan Cities & the Coast – 9 Days program itinerary

8 days desert tour from marrakech

Day 1 Morning in Casablanca and afternoon in Rabat

Welcome to Casablanca! If you only wanna visit one place in Casablanca, the commercial capital in Morocco, make it the Hassan II Mosque the big moaquein africa Its 690-foot (210 m) minaret sits picturesquely by the sea and is the tallest minaret in the world. While the exterior and surrounding area is impressive, what makes this mosque even more unique is that it is one of the few mosques in the country that allow non-Muslims to enter. Take a morning tour of the mosque and marvel at the fine artefacts: hand-carved stone and wood, intricate marble floor details and gilded ceilings.

Venture north to the imperial city and current capital Rabat. Explore the medieval fortifications of the Chera necropolis and stroll through Roman and Islamic ruins. Enter Rabat’s old town center through the gates of the Kasbah des Oudaias. From there, visit a 20th-century Andalusian garden for a peaceful space away from the crowds. Explore the Hassan Tower, an incomplete mosque and minaret of the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This is a 12th-century project that has been abandoned, leaving only the minaret and about 200 columns – the supporting structure of the mosque.

8 days tour from Marrakech

Day 2 Rabat to Chefchaouen

Head north to Chefchaouen, the striking blue city of the Rif Mountains. Before Chefchaouen, stop for a hike (2-3 hours) through lush vegetation and small pools to admire the Cascades d’Akchour (Akchour waterfall) – a hidden gem. In the afternoon, relax in charming Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen has remained largely untouched since the 15th century, offers a relaxed atmosphere with some of the friendliest people in the country, and is famous for the blue buildings of its historic medina (Old Town). Explore the narrow streets and alleys clinging to the northern slopes of the mountains.

Explore Plaza Outa el-Hammam, the main square named after the number of hammams, that used to surround it. Find a restaurant or café for a bite to eat before browsing the many shops offering traditional goods. Visit the Great Mosque and the kasbah (old fortress or fortification), visit the gardens of the kasbah, the museum, and even some old prison cells. In the evening, climb the path (20-30 minutes) to the abandoned white Spanish mosque for the last view of Chefchaouen as the sun sets.

8 days desert tour from marrakech

Day 3 chefchaouen to Fes

Wake up early and take pictures of the off-the-beaten-track streets before setting off for Fes. Along the way, stop at the UNESCO-protected site of Volubilis – the furthest point the Romans had in Africa. Wander through the complex and discover merchant homes with still intact heating systems, temples and many in-situ mosaics. Continue to the smaller, less busy Fesmeknes to learn about your second historic imperial city. The two main attractions are the Ville Impériale (Imperial City) and the Medina. Be sure to visit Mansour Gate, Moulay Ismail Mausoleum and Royal Stables.

Continue east to your third imperial city, Fes. With its impressively large (and somewhat confusing) old medina, Fes is a city worth getting lost. Before venturing into the medina, drive up the hill to spend time visiting the Mausoleum of Merenides, located just north of the city, and enjoy it all – panoramic views of historic Fez and the surrounding area. Descend down to your riad (traditional Moroccan house with an inner garden) where you can enjoy a delicious meal and relax in the evening.

8 days tour from Marrakech

Day 4: Fes: Exploring the Imperial City and medieval Medina

Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s four imperial cities, and perhaps the most interesting and exciting to explore. It has the most complete medina in the Arab world, relatively unspoiled since its founding more than 1,200 years ago. Often considered the cultural capital of the country, it consists of three parts, two medina districts, Fes el Bali and Fes el Jdid, and the more modern, French colonial-influenced Ville Nouvelle. Meet your guide and spend half a day learning about the history and culture as you navigate the narrow streets of the medina.

Start at the Bab Boujeloud gate in Fes el Bali and enter the main road of Talâa Kebira. As you pass the shops and souks, watch out for Spanish and Tunisian-influenced architecture. Visit the Chouara Tannery and marvel at the many dye-filled stone jars and staff still using centuries-old techniques. Next, admire the intricate zellij tilework of the 14th-century Al Attarine Madrasa, before heading to Mellah (old Jewish quarter and cemetery) in Fes el Jdid. If you have time, visit Ville Nouvelle to discover the dramatic changes in architecture.

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Day 5 Middle Atlas: Erfoud, Merzouga and Sahara Erg Chebbi

Start your day early and head south to Merzouga. Along the way, you’ll climb the Col du Zad pass (7,146 feet or 2,178 m) through the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains. See the local Barbary Macaques and admire the nearby Malouia River before stopping for lunch in Middlet (“Apple City”). Continue over the Tizi n’Talghemt pass and into the Ziz Valley, famous for its hidden oases and palm groves. Along the way, you’ll see many fortified houses called ksars – used to protect valuables including gold, salt and spices.

Continue to Erfoud, famous for its date festival and fossil mining. Here, you can visit local collectives, learn more about the process, and meet some local artisans. Continue to Erg Chebbi, a vast sea of ​​dunes covering 13.5 square miles (35 square kilometers). Never standing still, the huge dunes move and move with the wind. Once in Merzouga, climb on your camel and cross the dunes to the camp you have prepared for you. Hike to the nearby dunes to watch the sunset, then return to camp for a delicious dinner and relax by the campfire.

Day 6 Merzouga to Ouarzazate

enjoy the sunrise before playing a sandboard to test your skills. Leave the dunes and head to Khemliya to experience a traditional Saharan village – where people come from Mali. Continue west through a dramatic gate into Rissani. Rissani is a market town that hosts livestock auctions and has a “donkey car park”, a place to be (listen) and experience! Head to the desert town of Tinghir before reaching the 984-foot (300-meter) deep Todra Canyon. You will have time to explore the canyon and relax in the cool waters of the shallow Todra River.

Travel through the ancient castle. Although many are now in disrepair, local families still live in some of them. You may even encounter nomads herding their animals. Head west to Kela’a M’gouna. Famous for its Rose Festival, where you can see widely cultivated farmland surrounded by fragrant rose bushes. Continue west to Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, popular for its film industry. Take a studio tour to learn how the nearby desert landscape has been featured in many movies.

8 days desert tour from marrakech

Day 7 Aït Benhaddou Kasbah and Tizi n’Tichka via High Atlas Marrakech

Go to the nearby Aït Benhaddou. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aït Benhaddou is thought to date back to the 11th century, when it featured prominently on the trans-Saharan trade route between Marrakech, Ouarzazate and the southern desert. Follow the narrow streets to the granary and admire the surrounding scenery. From there, climb the High Atlas Mountains for the highest peak, Mount Toubkal (13,671 feet or 4,167 meters). Stop near the top of the Tizi n’Tichka pass (7,415 feet or 2,260 m) for great views of the mountains.

As you descend the High Atlas, you will notice dramatic changes in climate and landscape. Soon you will be part of the hustle and bustle of the ultimate imperial city of Marrakech. After a long day on the road, check into your hotel and spend the rest of the afternoon as you wish. In the evening, the main square, Jemaa el-Fna, is bustling with entertainment with musicians, performers, snake charmers, games and food stalls. If you want to enjoy the view from a distance, choose one of the many cafés around the square for a mint tea and a meal.

8 days desert tour from marrakech

Day 8 Marrakech: Explore the Red City of Marrakech

Nicknamed the “Red City” because of its red sandstone walls and buildings, Marrakech was once an important trading capital for the tribes of the Atlas Mountains and remained an exciting former imperial city. Located north of the slopes of Mount Atlas, Marrakech is home to Africa’s busiest square, Jemaa el-Fna. Start exploring the ancient medina of Marrakech, starting with the Koutoubia Mosque and Gardens. Although the mosque cannot be visited by non-Muslims, its 12th-century foundations and 77-meter minaret are worth a visit. Visit the fountains and pools in the neighboring garden.

Indulge your senses as you explore the intricate maze of souks, hidden behind ordinary restaurants and shops. See Souk el Attarin, Souk Chouari and Souk Smata for a selection of spices, carpentry and babouche (traditional Moroccan slippers). Visit Souk des Tenturier or dyeing souk to see how fabrics and yarns are dyed by traditional methods. Then admire the beautiful example of Moroccan Islamic architecture of the Ben Youssef Madrasa, a 16th-century Koran school, and notice the ornate details of its interior: carved cedar ceilings, carved plaster and zelli tiles.

8 days desert tour from marrakech

Day 9 Departure from Marrakech

If time permits, complete any last minute shopping or visit the Majorelle Gardens. Not far from the buzzing medina, a visit to these lush, sprawling gardens is the perfect place to escape the heat and bustle before your return flight back to Casablanca (three hours in traffic).



  •  include Private tour
  • Daily breakfast Hotel accommodation and all transportation in Casablanca
  • Airport Full transportation with air-conditioning,
  • gas and driver English speaking guide and driver Overnight in Casablanca, Fes, & Chefchaouen, sahara desert and ouarzazate ,
  • Tour Guide in Fes & Marrakech
  • including breakfast 
  • Daily including breakfast, free time to explore scenic spots, take photos, etc.
  • Customized and flexible stops


  • Lunch
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance tickets to monuments
  • Tips

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